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Meet Kate, the passionate mind behind PlannerKate—a creative haven for planner enthusiasts. Kate's journey began with a simple love for planning and journaling, a hobby that soon evolved into a vibrant community of fellow organizers.

Driven by the desire to provide unique, high-quality stickers and kits, Kate founded PlannerKate with a mission: to enhance the joy of planning and self-expression. Inspired by the idea that every page could be a canvas, Kate set out to create a space where planners could find meticulously crafted, theme-specific stickers to bring their visions to life.

What started as a personal project has blossomed into a thriving brand, loved by planners worldwide. Kate's commitment to excellence and dedication to customer satisfaction have been the driving forces behind the success of PlannerKate. As the heart and soul of the company, Kate continues to pour her creativity into every design, ensuring that each sticker and kit reflects her passion for helping others make their planners uniquely theirs.

For Kate, the magic lies in the community that has grown around PlannerKate. Witnessing customers share their beautifully decorated journals and hearing stories of how her creations bring joy to their planning routines fuels Kate's enthusiasm. It's the connection with the PlannerKate community and the ability to inspire creativity in others that keeps Kate excited about her work.

As PlannerKate thrives, Kate remains committed to her original vision: providing planners with the tools they need to turn every day into a masterpiece. Join Kate on this creative journey and discover the magic of PlannerKate—a place where planning meets art, and every day is an opportunity to create something beautiful.

About Kate, Founder of PlannerKate

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