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8.5 x 11 Plum Paper Sticker Testing

Let's look at how our stickers work in the Plum Paper, 8x5 x 11, ME Layout!

We have had several requests for this specific information and we are happy to report that most of our stickers work in this planner. Because *most* of our stickers are made for 1.5 inch wide spaces, and the spaces in this layout are larger than that, you can use our standard stickers.

Let's start with the monthly view.

We started the month view with standard size washi. The headers from the compact vertical kits work great for day of the week headers, too. We finished up plans with our standard 1.5 inch stickers from our weekly kit sheets and the add on sheets.

Now, let's dive into the weekly view. This is Plum Paper's ME layout in the 8.5 x 11 size. You can see how our standard kit stickers work great in this space, too! Add some full boxes or your favorite journaling kit stickers; there is a LOT of room for stickers in this layout!

We hope this very quick overview helped you see how PlannerKate stickers work in this specific planner. As always, happy planning!


If you want to see a video review of this information, check out Jennifer's YouTube video here:

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