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Getting Started with PlannerKate

So, you have your planner and you've found PlannerKate. Now what? Let's walk through some of our most asked customer questions and some information that's good to know as you navigate the PlannerKate website and community pages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can we find new information and engage with the PlannerKate community?

Facebook: You can join our Facebook community here:

At the top of our Facebook page, you will see a "Featured" tab. That will take you to important information like our shop calendar and kit and mini-kit numbers, and frequently asked questions.

Instagram: You can follow us on Instagram here:

When do new stickers come out?

You can find our shop calendar on Facebook mentioned above. It's also posted on our blog each month, too. Our typical monthly schedule looks something like this (although it is subject to change):

Mondays: Misfit Monday

("misfits" are stickers that didn't quite meet our high standard of quality and are sold at a discount. Some stickers may be slightly off on their cut, but most stickers on the sheet are still useable. These are sold in bundles at a discount.)

Wednesdays: Warehouse Wednesday

(Warehouse Wednesday sales are markdowns on a collection or type of sticker or merchandise. You'll notice that a group of stickers will already be marked down. You can use PKLOVE20 for an additional 20% off the markdown price.)

New Kits and Mini-Kits

We typically launch new monthly kits and mini-kits the first Wednesday of the month. Each month you'll find 2 full kits and 3 mini-kits. Check the Facebook page and the blog for sneak peeks!

What's the PlannerKate Challenge?

The PlannerKate challenge is a months worth of daily prompts. The prompts are open to interpretation and are geared towards sharing your PlannerKate stickers with our community. We LOVE seeing how you use our stickers and we know that others appreciate the ideas and inspiration! You'll share your picture for the prompt in our Facebook page and use the tag #plannerkatechallenge. A random winner will be chosen at the end of the month and notified. If you win, you'll receive shop credit or a freebie sampler with freebie stickers.

Are there coupon codes or rewards?

Yes! You can use the code PKLOVE20 for 20% off your order, including sale items.

There are also reward points accrued when you shop on the PlannerKate website (NOT available on Etsy).

You can enter ONE code per checkout. This means that you can use your PKLOVE20 code for 20% off your order OR your reward points, but not both at the same time.

I'm ready to order, but I'm overwhelmed! Help!

You have several options here and there are no wrong answers. It's all based on your personal planning preferences!


Order kit or mini-kit sheets and use those for the month, week and/or day in your planner. All the items are coordinated for you, so this is probably the easiest way plan if you're new to PlannerKate.

You can shop all kits and mini-kits here:

If you need information on what sheets are available for kits and mini-kits, checkout this blog post and/or Jennifer's YouTube video outlining the different sheets.

Each kit and mini-kit has a weekly kit listing and you'll see a sampler sheet (C in the dropdown box) that is a great sheet to start with because it has such a great variety of stickers all on one sheet. You can check out Jennifer's plan with me here, where she plans out an entire week using just this one sheet!


Are you more of a minimalist planner and don't want to use a kit? We recommend picking up some of basic items based on your needs and wants. Let's look at a few options together. Of course, you can browse all of our stickers and choose what you'd like, but we thought it would be helpful for you to see our best sellers in action. Let's take a look at our customer favorites and best sellers!

Transparent Dots

Our transparent dots are available in two sizes and multiple colorways. In addition, each colorway is offered in a rounded square option and a circle shape. These are perfect to use on mini-calendars and for color coding on your month view. Shop all transparent stickers here.

Rounded Squares:



Another fan favorite are our scallop stickers! The are available in several sizes, several colorways, and both a dashed and standard design. Shop all scallops here.

Appointment Labels:

It wouldn't be planning without some appointments, right?! We offer both a skinny appointment label (perfect for those monthly calendar spreads!) and a standard size appointment label (perfect for weekly and daily planning pages!).


A lot of our customers seem to love tracking things in their planners to increase productivity. We have you covered with a variety of tracking stickers. Our habit tracker sidebar is perfect for tracking multiple items over the course of the week. Our individual habit trackers are great for tracking just one habit for the week. Our ombre week sidebar is the perfect option for listing out a category of items for the week (like meal planning!).

If you want to see our best selling stickers in action, check out Jennifer's weekly plan with me using the stickers listed above.


Mix and match! Once you've built your collection of favorites, it's fun to mix our kits with our non-kit stickers for a personalized look.

Give me all the details!

Are you ready for more?!

You can find all of our planner SKUs here. Take some time to browse each SKU and choose the stickers that you love most! Simply type in the SKU in to our search bar to see each style and availability.

We hope you found this blog post helpful! We cannot wait to see what stickers you choose for yourself. Make sure you tag us on your social media posts by using the tag #plannerkate!

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