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2023 Kit Sheets and Sticker Testing

Every year our kits are updated starting with January kits. Our January 2023 kits will launch on November 2nd at 9:00 am CST. Let's take a look at some of the new sheets and how they will work in your planner. We will go through monthly kits that have some minor changes, weekly kits that have some brand new sheet options, and the updated Daily Duo sheets.

Monthly kits have gotten a face lift. You'll notice that the headers now have a pattern bar under the days of the weeks. You'll also notice that the holidays for the month are now included on sheet 1. (*Don't know which planners we make monthly kits for? Check out our previous blog post here, outlining the kit lineup for 2023).

We also have updated our monthly dashboard kit sheets for the A5 and 7x9 Erin Condren Life Planners. The new dashboard kit features 4 rectangles that perfectly match our monthly kit and cover the boxes on the page.

Our monthly listing will also feature something brand new - our monthly perpetual calendar! This sheet will also be available for A5 and 7X9 size planners and are full size sheets so they can be used in any A5 or 7x9 planner. Just peel and stick and you're ready to map out your month. If you prefer seeing your month in list format, this sheet will be perfect for you. You can also utilize this list format for a gratitude or thankful thought per day or even birthdays and anniversaries for the month; we cannot wait to see how you utilize this new sheet in your planner.

Let's move on to our highly anticipated weekly kits and mini kits. The sampler page has gotten a revamp and we hope you love it as much as we do! There are also updated add on listings (with some new sheets here, as well!)

Here's a closer look at just the sticker sheets for each listing you'll find on the website. Weekly kits and mini kits will have the following sheets available:


A) Full Boxes

B) Washi Strips

C) Sampler

D) Hourly Checklists & Labels

E) Vertical Checklist & Labels

F) Horizontal Checklist & Labels

G) Functional Full Sheet

While we are talking about weekly kit options, let's look at the add on options for 2023. These addons can be used with our weekly kit sheets above as supplemental sheets but are also versatile enough that you can pair them with our other kits (like the Daily Duo kits) to have even more planning options.


AO-1) EC 7x9 Strip Weekly Headers

AO-2) EC Individual Weekly Headers

AO-3) Brush Stroke Weekly Headers

AO-4) Thick Washi

AO-5) Thin Washi

AO-6) Doodles

AO-7) Script Days & Dots

AO-8) BW Icons

AO-9) Mixed Scripts

AO-10) Ombre Checklists

AO-11) Sidebar

AO-12) Appointment Labels

AO-13) Basic Labels

AO-14) Budget Labels

AO-15) Dash Labels

AO-16) Pattern Labels

AO-17) Dash Scallop Labels

AO-18) Mini Time Labels

AO-19) Large Color Scripts

AO-20) Clipart (when available)

Add on 19, the large color scripts, and add on 18, the mini time labels are both a new appearance for 2023 kit sheets. Let's take a quick look at each of those sheets.

Here's a before the pen mix and match in the Erin Condren Hourly LifePlanner; we think the new weekend banner, the large color scripts and updated ombre boxes are perfection!

Are you an Erin Condren A5 Compact Vertical user? Or, maybe a PlanenrKate Create Your Own 7x9 Compact Vertical? We have you covered for that version of weekly planning, too. You'll notice some of your favorites are back (like the labels and appointment labels) but our date headers have gotten an update.

Now, let's shift gears and move in to daily planning. Our A5 and 7x9 Daily Duo sheets have gotten a facelift. The headers for the 7X9 option have a slimmer profile this year. They still cover the colored line in the planner, if that's your preference, but do not come up to the top of the page. We think the white space is crisp and clean!

The large scripts work well in this planner, too! Grab add on 19 and use them in either the Daily Duo or weekly planner of your choice.

The sheets also feature a new checklist that is just a tad bit less bold than before and some new arrow and dashed line stickers. We've seen a lot of you breaking your days in to sections and now you can use a sticker to do that quickly and easily. Some of our favorites, like the basic labels and the appointment labels for the Daily Duo are back, too.

We cannot chat about the Daily Duo without including the Week at a Glance sheets! And, surprise, there are now TWO week at a glance options for you to choose from.

Our traditional week at a glance is back with minor updates to font choice. If you like more of an open space for planning out your week, check out our new WAAG that features an open grid section to map out your days.

We are going to end on a bang; the highly anticipated Hobonichi Weeks kits are here for 2023! We have you covered with both weekly page stickers and monthly page stickers. This is a fun and portable planner and we are so excited to offer our sticker kits for this layout.

You can see a walk through of these updated sheets with Jennifer, over at @happyplaceplanning, on YouTube.

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