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2024 Happy Planner Kits Are Here!!

Our January 2024 kits have launched (you can shop all kits here) and we are so excited to share our NEW Happy Planner specific kits with you. Happy Planner is one of the leading planners on the market today and we hope you love our new HP kits and that they help you plan your life in a beautiful and functional way.

Here's a close up look at our January 2024 Happy Planner kits:

KIT-600 Winter Wonderland

KIT-601 New Years

Want to see our new Happy Planner kits in action?! One of our affiliates, Ilysse, also known as PlanWithIlysse in the planner community, has some great content to share with you.

Here's her finished Happy Planner spread.

Want to see the process? We highly recommend watching Ilysse's YouTube video that walks you through this spread.

You may have noticed these are MONTHLY kits. Want to use PlannerKate in your weekly Happy Planner spreads, too? Ilysse has a video walking you through which sheets from our weekly kit lineup work best in the Happy Planner (classic) weekly spread, too.

We hope you LOVE our new Happy Planner kit sheets. Stay tuned as we take a look at our other planner specific sheets.

Happy Planning!

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