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2024 Kit Change Plan with Me | Erin Condren Compact Vertical & Plum Paper Quad Layouts

Our compact vertical kits got an update for 2024! Let's take a look at the new kit sheets. These sheets were designed specifically for the Erin Condren A5 compact vertical layout, but we also offer them in a 7X9 size. As a reminder, these work great in an A5 or 7x9 notebook, too (you can "create your own" planner). They also work well in the A5 or 7x9 Plum Paper quad layout (which is what Jennifer used for her plan with me).

One of our January kits is an understated, beautiful neutral option. MK-603, neutral love, is the kit used in following spread.

Jennifer used the 7x9 sampler and CV add ons here. One of the kit changes was adding "1/2 column" stickers to the labels. You can place them side by side as shown below.

We also added some decorative labels to this kit listing which adds more of the pattern background from the kits to your spread.

If you're a list maker, we are happy to share that this kit sheet still comes with bulleted lists. These bullets are formatted to fit the Erin Condren A5 compact vertical layout line spacing as well as the Plum Paper quad layout spacing (shown below).

Jennifer used the full box from the sampler here and added an insert to make a to do list and tracker section for the week.

You can also pick up CV-102, CV-103 and CV-104 to customize your weekly spread with a to do list, lined section or the to do list and tracker option Jennifer used in her weekly.

If you like to see the week come together in real time, consider watching Jennifer's weekly plan with me video here:

Thanks for joining us today. Stay tuned for more 2024 kit update blog posts!

Happy Planning!

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