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2024 Kit Change Plan with Me | Plum Paper Daily

We are offering more kits than ever before! One of the new kit options for 2024 includes a brand new Plum Paper Daily kit. We are excited to share this new kit with you. First, let's take a look at the Plum Paper daily kits for January.

We offer these daily kit sheets in both the A5 and 7x9 sizes

Here are some pictures of KIT-600, Winter Wonderland, in action.

Our Plum Paper daily kit offers decorative washi strips the exact width of the columns so you can further categorize your sections in to smaller units. There are also headers and boxes to fit the large shaded rectangle. If you love a good checklist, we recommend adding the bullets to your to do list. There are also two sizes of appointment labels; one that goes all the way across the column width and one that is shorter to show the space in the planner to write in a time. Mix and match and use our new daily kits to map out your day!

We will leave you with a plan with me video featuring this kit. Check out Jennifer's YouTube video here and stay tuned for more 2024 kit updates and ideas!

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