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Day 1: November Monthly

I like to keep my monthly spreads simple by just using the MNTH-115 labels and washi. I love the beginning of the month when it doesn’t look too hectic. Not quite the same story towards the end of the month!

Day 2: November Dashboard

Day 4: S-1812 Mini Checkmarks

I love using the mini checkmarks on my notes pages for a list!

Day 5: Errands

Loving our new "type font" custom script that is available to match the 2022 kits and mini kits!

Day 6: To Contact

My FAVORITE "to contact" stickers are S-1714!!

Day 7: Flora

Did you know you can click on the "STICKERS" page and then the "FLORA" Collection to see all of the FLORA options on the PlannerKate website?? Our new FLORA monthlies are my favorite!!

Day 8: Wacky Holidays

I love our simple black & white wacky holidays In my planner! My favorite space to put them in right about the day header!! Our 2022 Wacky Holidays are available here:

Day 9: Font D Customs

Font D was our previous logo style font! A font that will forever be one of my favorites as our business grew over the years!! We updated our logo last spring with the launch of our new website and just ordered our new packaging last week!!

Day 10: 2022 Kit Launch

Today was originally the launch day for our January kits but we decided to bump it up a week since we were ready early! Below are the Kit & Mini Kit patterns and some of my favorite extras!!

Day 11: A5 Agenda Dividers

#plannerkatechallenge Day 11 - A5 Agenda Dividers

I keep an A5 planner on my desk at all time to organize extra papers & notes. I keep an overall monthly view and notes for the different parts of my life! I love the frosted simple look of our new dividers and labels!!

Day 12: Appointments

#plannerkatechallenge Day 12 - Appointments

My go-to appointment labels are always the skinny & regular appointment labels. They can be found on nearly everyday in my planner!

Day 13: Forward Planning

I stay pretty consistent with my planning style from week to week so I like to lay down the basics of my week as soon as I have the kit. This allows me to add appointments and such as soon as they happen and I can quickly grab that kit from my binder for a matching label.

Day 14: Headers

When I hear "headers" I think of our retired "M" or "HDR" stickers immediately. These headers were a staple in my planning style when Erin Condren only had the vertical style planner. I have never gotten rid of mine even after we retired them because I love how simple the style is. Maybe we need to bring back our OG PK headers to the shop?

Day 15: Warehouse Wednesday Haul

Clearly I don't have a "haul" to post, but I thought I would show some of my favorites from THIS week's (11/17) Warehouse Wednesday items which will be all "MNTH" listings. You can preview everything that will be included in the sale in the Warehouse Wednesday section of the website! More details will be posted tomorrow!


My FAVORITE cleaning stickers are KF-18 "10 MIN TIDY" and EVT-19 "Quick Clean." I am a strong believer in doing a daily quick pickup / clean at our house!

Day 17: Midweek with PK

I fell in love with this thanksgiving kit because of the colors (obviously)!! MK-358 TOGETHER

Day 18: Holiday Planning

Every year when I get my new planner I set up a Holiday Gift page in the back notes section. The hope is that when I think of something to buy someone I can jot it down quick and be READY for Christmas. Clearly 2021 isn't my year but at least the page is cute (How many day until Christmas?)

Day 19: Black Month Script

We recently added the script months in basic black to the shop! I haven't used them in my planner yet, but they are perfect to go with kits when you are using add ons to make your own monthly! I plan to use them in 2022 for my monthly goals and reminders!!

Day 20: Fall Bucket List

My bucket list items are scattered all over my planner, but next week I have two on one page!! I won't be black Friday shopping, but I'll be working while you all do!! Saturday is the biggest football game around for us here!! GO BLUE!

Day 21: Mini Binder Dividers

Have you seen our new dividers? I am LOVING them! They are simple fronts clear 6 tab plastic dividers! I have it on my to do list to redo ALL my binders for 2022!!

Day 22: #pkfavorites

I keep a binder with my go-to favorites in my planner bag always!

Day 23: Full Boxes

My favorite way to use our decorative full boxes is to mark events that take up a large portion of our day. I typically layer other stickers over top but love the large visual reminder in my planner of an important event!

It was a quiet week for our family. Getting what work I could done in between not forgetting to rest! All four of us were down with COVID, but starting to feel much better now!

Day 25: Thanksgiving Day!

Better yet, my last day of quarantine!! Back to the office just in time for Black Friday! Sure planned that well 😆

Day 26: Black Friday

Day 27: Small Business Saturday

Day 28: Time Blocking

My favorite time blocking stickers are the dash labels. I love the Black & White & colored equally!! Definitely a go-to in my planner each week! We added the color dash labels as an add on option to match the kits & mini kits for 2022!

Day 29: Cyber Monday

Day 30: BW Icons

The combo of Day 28 and Day 30 prompts are MY FAVORITE!! Our tiny BW (Black & White / or as the TEAMPK girls call them "bitty wittles") are so simple & perfect. The hearts come with the EC Muted color scheme and white as seen below. This is definitely a line in the PK Shop we will continue to add to!!

AND THAT'S A WRAP!! I hope you can join us for a PK Challenge in the future!! See December below!! I look forward to all the cute pictures & ideas!

<3 Kate

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