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Daily Duo | Week at a Glance

Hi, everyone! It's Jennifer, back with MORE sticker testing and fun! If you read my previous blog post, I showed you how the current PlannerKate stickers could work in the new 2022-2023 Erin Condren 7x9 Daily Duo. I mentioned in that post that Kate had some sticker magic in the works for the new lined notes page that follows every Sunday in the new book. I'm here to show you the magic!

The Daily Duo week at a glance sheets are here, and as I mentioned, I think they're amazing! Take a look at the new sheet in action; the left column (and you could always reverse them depending on your personal preferences) features a week at a glance. The sheet comes with date dots, so you can make this sheet work for whatever week you need.

The right hand column features a to do list section, a habit tracking section, and an open space for versatility.

The great thing about this particular sheet, available for BOTH the 7x9 AND A5 size planner, is that you can use it in any planner or notebook that is similar in size. For example, if you have a 7x9 notebook, you could easily pop the stickers down on to one page and have a quick and easy week at a glance!

We hope you love this new option and can't wait to see how you customize the stickers in your own planner to meet your individual needs! What will you use the week at a glance for? Maybe meal planning, appointments, work schedules, or even kids' schedules? Let us know in the comments below.

I'll leave you with the plan with me video I filmed with these stickers in my current Daily Duo. Enjoy!

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