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February PK Calendar

February 1 is Markdown Day! We'll be reducing the January 2021 kits to 25% off. On March 1 they will be reduced to 50% off and then retired April 1. We'll follow this schedule for the 2021 kits each month if you have favorites you want to snag!!

If you haven't browsed the site lately, we are working on A LOT of reformats on the backside, so you'll see a lot of reduced items including all F, JP and HDR listings. (website only)

We also have a bunch of new releases with our cut team currently and we'll be putting those up throughout the month! I will be putting them up as we get them back and post in group anytime there is something new to check out You should start seeing those new "V-" functional listings I mentioned in a previous post very soon as well!!

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