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Horizontal Planning Ideas

Hey there, PK Fans! This is Jennifer sharing some different stickers you can use in the Erin Condren horizontal LifePlanner. Testing out stickers is my favorite thing and I love how this plan with me turned out.

I did use 2 sheets that are not part of a kit that I think would be great sheets to pick up and use every single week. They can be used in a variety of planners, too.

I often use this sheet to create sections in my planner (like I did in this spread) or as a way to mark off a large section of time.

Another personal favorite are the Wacky Holidays. I used the smaller size option for this spread and they fit well in the open box of the horizontal layout. They're also offered in neutral and pastel options. New months are released with kits and mini-kits during our monthly kit launch.

Let's take a peek at my finished pages! I used kit MK-624, Honor, and chose a variety of sheets that I'll walk you through.

I started by using the washi strips off the washi strip sheet for the top of the page. I used the dash sheet to break off the open box on the right and filled it with the wacky holidays.

I also used the individual headers and the Remember and Honor full box (trimmed down) from the sampler sheet.

I used the bullets add on to create a weekend cleaning checklist under the day of the week stickers. For all the appointments and time specific items, I used the A5 EC Daily Duo stickers down the center of the page.

I used more of the bullets from the bullet add on and 2 individual habit trackers to fill in my this week section at the bottom of the page. Transparent stickers work great on the mini calendar, too!

Here's a look at the finished project! I am quite happy with how this turned out and will definitely be planning in this layout again!

Thanks for joining me today. If you want to see the plan come together in real time, you can watch the plan with me video on YouTube here:

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