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How I use PlannerKate Stickers in my Happy Planner!

As an avid Happy Planner user and PlannerKate lover, I'm often asked which stickers work best for Happy Planner Classic sizes. Being a PK affiliate for a year and a customer for many years, I've had the opportunity to try a lot of different kit styles, and I'm so excited to share with you some of my planner spreads and tips on sizing.

For my planner spreads in a Happy Planner Classic Vertical, I have several go-to PlannerKate products:

Weekly Kits- HP Classic Vertical boxes are 1.5 inches, which is the exact size of weekly kits- The full boxes, EC vertical checklists and labels, and functional labels all fit my planner perfectly. You'll see in the below spread from January that I mostly combined washi strips, checklists, labels, and icons for a really functional week!

Find Weekly Kits & Add Ons here:

When I'm craving a little bit more decoration, I love the PlannerKate journaling kits! My planning style is a combination of decorative and functional, and sometimes I just want to fill up that extra space with pretty stickers. Journaling kits are truly versatile and can work in any size planner, but below is an example of how I combined a journaling kit with a weekly kit, in addition to Day of the Week labels and script stickers.

If you love a stacked sidebar like I do on busy weeks, the Functional Labels sheet from the Weekly Kit will be your go-to! The habit trackers and ombre checklists are also sized at 1.5 inches, which is the perfect fit in a Classic HP sidebar. The sidebar below kept me organized all week for bills to pay, follow ups, things to buy, and projects to finish.

While I do use my HP Classic as a catchall, I also really enjoy planning in an HP Big! This is 8.5x11 size, and the extra room is helpful for busy weeks, but also just leaves more empty space visually. In the below Big spread, I used a regular weekly kit! I actually purchased this one with the intent on using it in my Classic, but decided to test it out in the Big planner instead. You'll see more empty space than in a Classic, but I really loved how this week looked in my planner, and wanted to show you the versatility of a weekly kit.

Let's talk about monthly spreads!! I was SO excited when Kate included HP Classic Monthly kits to the lineup for 2024! I've used them each month this year, and included photos of examples from March and April. These kits are the perfect size for my HP Classic Monthly, where I keep track of bills, birthdays, plans, paydays, recycling, and trash days. I always struggled decorating my monthly spread, but now it's a breeze because everything has a place and fits perfectly.

Let's take a look at some of the current PlannerKate Classic monthly kits. You can scroll through the slideshow photos below.

Sometimes it's easier to find the right size stickers for your planner when you can see it all visually, and hopefully these examples helped show you which PlannerKate kits work best in a Happy Planner, but also the versatility of kits for different sized planners!

Happy Planning,


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