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Laurel Denise Plan with Me

Today we're going to look at our Laurel Denise kits! Jennifer from @happyplaceplanning planned out the month of May in her Laurel Denise undated planner.

There are several sticker sheets we offer for our full kits each month that are designed for this planner.

T1 - LD Monthly

T2 A - Sunday - Saturday Week Day Headers

T2 B - Monday - Sunday Week Day Headers

T3 - Weekly Washi

T4 - Label Add On

If you're new to the Laurel Denise planner, you'll notice here that the cool thing about this particular planner is that you can see your month view, month dashboard, and weekly view all at once when your planner is open.

Let's take a look at each section up close. On the left, you have a traditional monthly calendar spread. Laurel Denise offers a Sunday start, a Monday start, and an undated version. Our monthly sticker kit has the day of the weeks on the sheet separately, so you can choose what day to start your month on. Jennifer chose to start her month on a Monday to match her weekly spread.

Our weekly kits are offered in a Sunday or Monday start strip, so make sure you grab the sheet you prefer from our listing. Jennifer used the Monday start weekly sheet here.

Jennifer had a ton of fun setting up the right hand side of the monthly, too. Checkout how the Erin Condren monthly dashboard looks in this space; it's not a kit made specifically for this planner, but it works so well!

Here are some more pictures with some different angles so you can see the pages up close.

Want to see a real time plan with me for this spread? Checkout Jennifer's plan with me here:

Happy planning!

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Which size Erin Condren planner stickers are these?

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