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New Planners, Same Stickers?

With the launch of the 2023-2024 Erin Condren Life Planners, you may be wondering, "Will my current PlannerKate stickers still work in my new planner?". We are here to help! We will continue to test our stickers as new planners and layouts roll out. Today, we are focusing on the new, Erin Condren, 7x9 coiled Inspire Vertical layout.

If you are a "see it in action" type of person, you can check out Jennifer's YouTube video here.

Let's dive in to the details! We will look at the monthly calendar pages, the monthly dashboard page as well as the weekly spread.

Here's a close up of the monthly kits. Great news, here. Your current monthly kit stickers will still work. The headers, the sidebar, and the appointment labels still have a perfect fit.

Let's turn the page and head over to the monthly dashboard. You won't find any issues on this page, either!

Let's wrap up with a look at the weekly view. Since the columns in the vertical layout stayed the same width, all your weekly kit and mini-kit sheets will still work well along with your favorite add-ons!

Thanks for following along with our sticker testing for this round! Once we have more layouts, we will continue adding new blog posts to show you how our stickers work with any reformats and changes made to the planner.

Happy Planning!

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