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#PKFanFriday | August 13th

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Welcome back to the PlannerKate blog and another edition of our PlannerKate Fan Friday!

Today we will be looking at the PlannerKate freebie samplers that we send out in every order. Did you know you get FREE stickers with each order you place? We will also chat about how you can use PlannerKate stickers to help organize your life.

Each time you order, we'll automatically include FIVE freebie samplers in your order. We understand that many of you like to collect all the samplers, and implemented Freebie of the Week several months ago. Each week, we'll post the sampler of the week on the blog so you'll know at least one of the samplers you'll receive when you place an order that week. The other five freebies in your order will be a surprise!

Here's an example post so you know what to look for; This was the freebie of the week for the week of 8/9 through 8/15.

Once you start collecting the samplers, they are great to use for planning out your week. Mackenzie from @cestmackenzie on Instagram pulled several of her samplers out to plan her week. It's also a nice way to see what stickers you love and need to purchase the full sheets for. Each sampler is labeled in the top right corner so you know just how to find them in the store!

Here's one example of sampler week. Jennifer from @happyplaceplanning on Instagram shares a weekly spread in an Erin Condren hourly Life Planner. We think it's super cute and who doesn't like FREE ?!

Below, you can see how Amber from @planning_memories_withamb on Instagram uses her freebie samplers to plan out a week in her Erin Condren Teacher Planner.

So, how will you store all those samplers you receive with your orders? We have you covered! We make a speciality album that is designed to hold our samplers so you can keep them organized and easy find and use. Click here to start shopping!

Now, let's chat about organization. Janice from @plannyjannie on Instagram purchased sheet BW-24 PlannerKate BW Icon to label her washi rolls and we thought the idea was genius! You can even take this idea to the next level and write the cooresponding kit or mini kit number next to the sticker so you'll always remember which kit the washi goes with!

We hope you've enjoyed today's #PKFanFriday! Join us back on August 27, 2021 for our next edition.

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