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PlannerKate 2023 Kit Listings Break Down

With the new kit changes and all the available listings we have for kits and mini-kits each month, we thought we'd share a breakdown of each listing includes. We hope this helps make your shopping experience easier and that you can pick the stickers customized to your planning needs!

Let's start with the basics first. Each month, we release 5 new kits. The first two kits will have a SKU that start with KIT-###. These are full kits. This means that there will be monthly kit listings, budget kit listings, and weekly kit listings. The last three kits are mini-kits. They have a SKU that starts with MK-###. These kit listings feature our weekly kit options, but DO NOT have monthly kit listings or budget kit listings.

Now that we have that broken down, let's take a closer look at the full kit listings you will find in the storefront each month.

Monthly Options / Listings:

Listing KIT-### H Erin Condren 7x9

Dropdown options include:

H-1 EC 7x9 monthly

H-2 EC 7x9 sheet 2

H-3 EC 7x9 dashboard

H-4A Lined DB insert

H-4B Habit DB insert

H-5 Perpetual Calendar

(*Pro Tip: If you're an Erin Condren 7x9 user and are looking for the monthly kit option for a specific kit, search the kit number followed by H and the listing will come up. IE: search "KIT-511 H" and the listing outlined above will come show up for KIT-511).

Listing KIT-### I Erin Condren A5 Monthly

Dropdown options include:

I-1 EC A5 ring agenda monthly

I-2 EC A5 coil monthly

I-3 EC A5 coil monthly sheet 2

I-4 EC A5 dashboard

I-5A DB insert lined

I-5B DB insert habit

I-6 EC A5 Perpetual Calendar

Listing KIT-### J Plum Paper Monthly

Dropdown options include:

J-1 Plum Paper 7x9 monthly

J-2 Plum 7x9 sheet 2

J-3 Plum 7x9 dashboard

J-4 Plum 7x9 dashboard

Listing KIT-### K A5 Plum Paper Monthly

Dropdown options include:

K-1 Plum A5 monthly

K-2 Plum A5 sheet 2

K-3 Plum A5 dashboard

K-4 Plum A5 perpetual calendar

Budget Listings

Now that we've covered the monthly kit options, let's look at budgeting listings. Remember, just like our monthly kit listings, these listings are only available for full kits starting with KIT-### (and NOT for any mini-kit or MK-### listings).

Listing KIT-### 7x9 Budget

B-1 budget

B-2 check-in

B-3 debt tracker

B-4 sinking funds

B-5 Spending tracker

B-6 bill due Log

B-7 savings tracker

B-8 transaction Log

Listing KIT-### A5 Budget

B-9 A5 budget

B-10 A5 check-in

B-11 A5 debt tracker

B-12 A5 sinking funds

B-13 A5 spending tracker

B-14 A5 bill due log

B-15 A5 savings tracker

B-16 A5 transaction log

Weekly Kit Options / Listings

Now that we've taken a look at the full kit options, we will dive into weekly kit options. Weekly kits are available in both our full kit (KIT-###) and mini-kits (MK-###)

Listing KIT-### Weekly

A- full boxes

B- washi strips

C- sampler

D- EC hourly checklist and labels

E- EC vertical checklist and labels

F- EC horizontal checklist and labels

G- functional label sheet

You'll notice that these kits are specific to Erin Condren. If you have an Erin Condren planner, make sure you choose the correct checklist alignment for your planner in dropdown D, E or F. We'd also like to encourage you to try our weekly kit sheets in just about any 7x9 planner; they work well with a variety of weekly planners on the market!

Listing KIT-### Ad-Ons

A01- EC strip headers

A02- individual headers

A03- brush stroke headers

A04- thick washi

A05- thin washi

A06- doodles

A07- script days and dots

A08- bw icons

A09- mixed scripts

AO10- ombre checklists

AO11- stackable sidebar

AO12- appointment labels

AO13- basic labels

AO-14 - budget labels

AO-15- dash labels

AO-16 pattern labels

A0-17 dash scallops

AO-18 mini time labels

AO-19 large color scripts

Just like our weekly kits, we encourage you to try our add-ons in a variety of your planners. They are not planner specific and therefore work well in most planners.

Daily Duo Listings

PlannerKate offers both full kit and mini kit options for both the A5 Erin Condren Daily Duo and the 7x9 Daily Duo.

Listing KIT-### K A5

Dropdown options include:

A5-1 EC A5 headers

A5-2 EC A5 checklists and top boxes

A5-3 EC A5 timed labels

A5-4 EC A5 two tone labels

A5-5 EC A5 bottom boxes

A5-6 EC A5 bottom boxes and scripts

A5-7 EC A5 week at a glance

Listing KIT-### DD (7x9 Daily Duo)

Drop down listings include:

DD-1 headers

DD-2 checklists and labels

DD-3 timed labels

DD-4 two tone labels

DD-5 bottom boxes

DD-6 7th bottom box, scripts and arrows

DD-7 week at a glance

Specialty Planner Options/Listings

There are several popular planners on the market that we offer kits for! The hobonichi A5 cousin, the hobonichi weeks, the Erin Condren compact vertical planner, as well as our own "create your own" 7x9 compact vertical planner are all featured listings. If you are using any of the planners listed here, we'd recommend checking out the listings for your planner of choice.

Hobonichi A5 Cousin

KIT-### M

M-1 hobo cousin monthly

M-2 hobo cousin weekly 1

M-3 hobo cousin weekly 2

You'll notice the monthly kits (M-1) for this specialty planner is listed with the weekly sheets (M-2 and M-3). If you're using the hobonichi cousin, pick up these 3 sheets and you'll be set!

Hobonichi Weeks

KIT-### M

M-4 hobo weeks monthly

M-5 hobo weeks weekly

Just like our hobonichi cousin listings, you're monthly sheet for the kit is the first dropdown and the weekly kit is the next dropdown.

Erin Condren A5 Compact Vertical LifePlanner

When Erin Condren launched their brand new layout for 2022-2023, we knew you'd need PlannerKate stickers to use! Here are the weekly kits we offer for the Erin Condren A5 Compact Vertical planner. (*pro-tip: Order the I-2 and I-3 listings outlined in the beginning of this blogpost for a monthly kit that will fit your A5 (coiled) Compact Vertical LifePlanner).

KIT-### CV EC A5

CV-1 A5 CV sampler

CV-2 basic dash labels

CV-3 two tone appointment labels

CV-4A BB insert to do / habit

CV-4B BB insert to do

CV-4C BB insert lined

CV-4D BB insert week / habit

If you love the layout of the Erin Condren A5 Compact Vertical LifePlanner, but need more room, we recommend making your OWN layout with our Create Your Own 7x9 planner stickers. You can use the listings here and add our other specialty sheets in just about any 7x9 notebook to create your own planner!

KIT-### CV 7x9

CV-5 7x9 CV sampler

CV-6 basic dash labels

CV-7 2 tone appointment labels

CV-8A BB insert to do / habit

CV-8B BB insert to do

CV-8C BB insert lined

CV-8D BB insert week/habit

Extra Coordinating Sheets / Listings

We also have 2 extra listings that you'll find for each kit and mini-kit listing; the *NEW* journaling sheets and a notes companion and week at a glance (option 2) sheet.

We were so excited to launch journaling sheets this year to coordinate with our weekly and monthly kits. We've seen these sheets being used in a variety of planners already!

Journaling Kits

P-1 journaling sheet one

P-2 journaling sheet two

We've also brought back our notes companion page and a second week at a glance option! The notes companion sheet can be used in your monthly notes page or in your Daily Duo notes page for each week. Of course, you can use these stickers in your weekly spread, too!

We also wanted to offer you another week at a glance option. For those of you who prefer a more minimal weekly overview, this new layout offers plenty of blank space for maximum planning room.

Notes Companion & Week at a Glance

L-1 A5 week at a glance option 2

L-2 7x9 week at a glance option 2

L-3 notes companion page

Wrap Up

PHEW! That's a LOT of listings! We know that having so many options can be overwhelming BUT we hope that with all the individual listings we offer that you can find just the right combination of sheets that works for your planning style!

If you want to see a visual and side by side comparison and walk through of all the listings above, we recommend watching Jennifer's YouTube video over at She walks through each listing and each individual sheet in this video:

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