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Plum Paper Weekly Overview

We are starting a new series on the blog featuring our stickers in different brands of planners and different layouts. We do offer brand/layout specific stickers, like our Erin Condren 7x9 and A5 sheets, however, out stickers do work very well in a variety of different planners out on the market today.

Today we are taking a look at a 7x9 Plum Paper Planner in their weekly overview layout. This specific planner shown is their 6 month option in the modern colorway. It features an overview of sorts on the left hand side and a scheduling/dated page on the right. Take a look at Plum Paper's weekly overview here.

Here's a look at the planner without stickers.

Now, let's take a look at some of our stickers that work well in this layout. The left side of the page has several sections that can be easily labeled and customized with a few simple labels. For this spread, we used MK-529, Botanical Dreams.

Our 7x9 Daily Duo kits, sheet DD-3 for each kit or mini kit, has different size dash labels. The thinnest labels on this sheet were used here to create sections for priorities, content, habits and a to do list.

We also used one strip of wide washi on the bottom of this page. Our wide washi is also offered for every kit and mini kit as add on 4.

Now, let's look at the calendar page on the right hand side.

We started off with adding some day of the week covers. Journaling kit sheet 2 features these circular covers which we think look fabulous in this planner!

The same Daily Duo sheet that we used to create sections on the left hand side of the page was used again on this side of the page for appointments and time specific events.

Daily Duo sheet 3, DD-3, also works on this page if you're looking for an appointment label with a colored background.

Lastly, let's chat about checklists and line spacing. We designated a to do list for each day by sectioning off the right hand side of the planning page with our dash label stickers, DASH-104. Then we used checklist sheet D, made for the Erin Condren Hourly, Plum Vertical and Erin Condren A5 Horizontal planners.

We hope you enjoyed taking a look at this specific planner with us! Stay tuned for more sticker ideas and uses.

Happy Planning!

Team PK

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