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STK Layout Ideas

Do you have an extra notebook lying around? Need some ideas on how to fill one up? PlannerKate offers a variety of STK stickers that coordinate together to make a fun layout in your planner or notebook!

Here are some of our STK stickers and how you can use them.

STK -111 Year in Pixels

Track the average temperature for the day, your mood, stress level, or just about anything else. At the end of the year you'll have a fun page in your notebook to look back on.

STK-101 2023 Vision Board

Create your vision for the year! You can include a word of the year, a favorite quote, goals, and so much more. Our vision board sets have plenty of unlabeled boxes so that you can customize them for your very own 2023 vision.

STK-115 Monthly Vision Board

We also have monthly vision board sheets that pair well with our 2023 vision board stickers. Mix and match to create your own spread.

Some of our favorite STK stickers are the books to read, movies to watch, and tv shows to watch. Make a list for each and color the ones you complete during the year. If you have children, you can sit down with them to have them create a list separate from yours for multiple pages in your notebook.

Create your own monthly layout with a variety of our stickers for a layout you'll be sure to love looking back on.

MNTH-200 and MNTH-201

Start with our base shell in either the 7x9 or A5 size, depending on your notebook size. There's even a discount when you purchase all 12 months at the same time. Plus, you'll be set for an entire year.

Next, add a crosshatch kit to add color to your page. You can find these sheets for your Erin Condren 7x9 notebook, your Erin Condren A5 Agenda pages, or the Erin Condren A5 coil bound notebook.

MNTH-144 Erin Condren 7x9 Monthly Crosshatch

MNTH-127- Erin Condren A5 Agenda

MNTH-148 Erin Condren A5 Coil

Now comes the fun part; customize your monthly layout. Here are some of our favorites that we recommend for this layout.

Doodle-27 School Events

Add your child's school events to the calendar. It will help you remember those special days, like the 100th day of school or class fundraisers.

Doodle-13 through Doodle-20 Bucket List

Our seasonal bucket list sheets are also a way to plan fun activities for yourself or your children. Have a snow day? Document it! Play in leaves? Document it! We hope our bucket list items inspire you to enjoy the seasonal activities you can participate in.

Another option is to add the holidays you and your family celebrate each month. Our holiday planner stickers coordinate perfectly with the doodle bucket list options listed above.

Doodle 23-26 Holiday Planner Stickers

One final way you can customize your monthly layout is to include our PlannerKate Doodle Girls. We offer a variety of different doodle girls (with different hair / skin shades). Whether you are doing laundry, working out, or playing with stickers, we probably offer a doodle girl for that!

PKDG- PlannerKate Doodle Girls

We hope that this inspires you to create your own 2023 notebook! If you need a visual, Jennifer, from @happyplaceplanning, walks you through her process on her latest YouTube video you can watch here:

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