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Take the PK Challenge

As soon as the new monthly challenge is shared (on social media and subscriber emails), grab a screenshot of it.

Using whatever photo editing app you like , size it to a 2 1/2” square. I use the app Print to Size.

You can print this on regular paper with your printer but since I’ve had questions, I’ll explain what I do.

Using a 4x6” piece of sticker paper, I print the image with my Epson Picturemate 400. I use clear (vellum) sticker paper to give it a see-through look. After trimming the 2 1/2” square image, I add it to a Daily Duo Bottom Box and then place it on the notes page in my planner.

I love how the daily challenges are so visible and that I can still see the cute patterned sticker behind it.

Here are the daily challenges for May! Play along!

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