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The Vault is Open! | Monthly Planning Pages

We've officially opened the PlannerKate vault and today we want to share with you some details about the monthly planning sheet.

First, let's take a look back at what sheets are available for our vault kits.

A: Full box sheet (1.5 inches wide , height may vary depending on the year of the kit)

B: Washi strip sheet (all 7.7 inches long with 3 different widths)

C: Sampler page (labels will be 1.5 inches wide)

D: Make your own monthly (thick washi and date strips)

E: Labels (1.5 inches wide)

F: Individual headers (1.5 inches wide)

G: Clipart (when available)

Today we're going to be focusing on sheet D, make your own monthly, and sheet E, labels add on, as these two sheets pair perfectly to plan out your month in your planner.

A few things to notice about sheet in particular are that they are designed to cover the header in an Erin Condren LifePlanner (from top of the page to the top of the calendar boxes with the strip header) so that if you have a planner that has pre-printed design on the calendar page you can easily cover it. This also means that the wide washi strips are large enough to work in a variety of planners but can be easily trimmed down for an exact fit. Jennifer chose to leave some white space at the top of her planner by layering the wide washi and the strip header.

The other detail of importance is that the day of the week stickers are individual stickers which allows you to choose your start day!

All that's left are the plans! Jennifer used a variety of the labels from sheet D and sheet E to get her plans down for the month.

The benefit of the vault kits is that you can use them in any monthly calendar (not brand specific) and they're not labeled with a month title, so you can use them anytime you want! We hope that you are loving the vault kits and we cannot wait to see what you create.

Watch Jennifer's spread come together here in her YouTube video:

Happy Planning!

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