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Using a Mini Kit as a Monthly Spread

Each month, we typically offer 2 full kits and 3 mini kits. The full kits have monthly kits as well as budget shells available to purchase in addition to all the weekly sheets and add-ons that you love. The mini kits have all the weekly kits and add-ons available just like our full kits, but do not have the monthly sheets or budget shells available.

We know that some people really find a mini kit that they love and want a matching monthly spread. Did you know that by purchasing a few of the weekly add-on sheets available for the mini kit you love, you can recreate that monthly kit look?

Jennifer Crowder from @happyplaceplanning created a March monthly spread using a mini kit and we love the result! You can see the process, including all the sheets you'll need, in her YouTube video!

Sheets Used:

Add On 4: Script Days & Dots

Add On 5: Thick Washi

Add On 6: Thin Washi

Add On 10: Pattern Labels and Half Boxes


Add On 12: Appointment Labels

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