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Using and Storing the PK Freebie Samplers

We love sending FREE STICKERS to you with every order! Now, how do you store them? How do you use them? Our affiliate team has some inspiration for you today.

First, let's talk about storage. We offer 3 main ways to store your freebies; we have an on the go container, a disc option that allows you to easily organize and rearrange your freebies, as well as a classic album option.

Our on the go container can be purchased with or without freebies. If you prefer discs, you can pick up the 5x8 freebie disc album here. Or, maybe you prefer our classic sampler album. Scroll through the picture album below.

Need more info? Jennifer prepared a video where she walks through each option.

Now that you have a way to store all those freebies, let's look at how you can use them in your planning pages.

First up, Jennifer used a variety of them in the Erin Condren vertical LifePlanner. The mix and match of PlannerKate colors always has a great finished look.

Affiliate Debbie P. also planned in her Erin Condren LifePlanner sampler. You can see just how many options there are with using the freebies. Mix with your favorite washi tape roll and you are set! You can shop all our washi rolls, here.

We hope you enjoy getting free stickers with your orders and that you have fun trying them out in your own planner pages!

Happy Planning!

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