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Washi Warehouse Wednesday!

For tomorrow's warehouse Wednesday sale, our washi rolls will be marked down! You can shop the sale, here. All rolls will be marked down to $2.50 AND you can use PKLOVE20 for an extra 20% off when you check out.

Of course, our affiliates have some inspiration to share with you! Let's look at storage first. There are a lot of options out there that will work based on your preference. Jennifer likes to put her most used washi rolls on a tape dispenser. For the mass of her washi, she sorts them into containers from Amazon. Affiliate Debbie has a cute pink tray for a handful of washi out on her desk while storing most of her in a multi-drawer option.

Now, let's talk using all those beautiful rolls up! Jennifer has a few ideas to share with you.

One great use is for the monthly view of your planner; you can add a colorful variety of our PlannerKate colorway stickers to coordinate with your favorite roll for the month.

You can also use your washi on the weekly spread in the same sort of way. Pick your favorite washi then compliment with stickers of similar color.

Strips of washi going down your page vertically make an easy way to mark off an event that spans several hours or for a large chunk of time in your day.

If you have coordinating notebooks or separate goal pages, it's fun to coordinate the washi you used on your weekly spread to match the notes pages. It also allows you to see that the information is from the same week or day, even if it's in a different notebook or planner.

We hope you found some ideas here for how to use your washi rolls!

Happy Planning!

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