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We're Opening the PK Vault!!

We have some very exciting news to share with you; we are opening the PlannerKate Kit Vault! In honor of our 10 year shop anniversary coming this July, we're releasing some of our old kits. We've done HUNDREDS of kits over these past 10 years and we know there are some kits that have been your absolute favorites. We'll be releasing one vault kit each Friday from now until..... whenever we are done!

We are sure you'll have questions so we are going to try and address them here in a FAQ:

What's included? What sheets will be available for the vault kits?

A: Full box sheet (1.5 inches wide , height may vary depending on the year of the kit)

B: Washi strip sheet (all 7.7 inches long with 3 different widths)

C: Sampler page (labels will be 1.5 inches wide)

D: Make your own monthly (thick washi and date strips)

E: Labels (1.5 inches wide)

F: Individual headers (1.5 inches wide)

G: Clipart (when available)

I love the vault kits! Will they sell out?

Once released, the kits will be a permanent stock item in the store.

When you release a new vault kit, will the old ones go away?

Nope! We will continue to keep stock of all vault kits once they are released.

Will the format of the sheets change?

The sheets won't change much. We update kits and mini-kit formats for each January release, so depending on what year the original kit was released will determine its format for the vault release.

I want the vault kit to work in my planner; what planners will the sheets work in?

Part of the nostalgia of releasing old kits is that we can appreciate and look back at what the kits "used to be". We won't update the sheets to match our current formats BUT we will be offering sheets that are versatile enough that they will work in just about any planner on the market with some creativity on your part. For example, our washi strips are long enough to accommodate a 7x9 planner but can be trimmed down easily to fit a smaller layout, if needed. We are especially excited to see your creativity come to life and look forward to seeing what you create. Make sure you use #PKvaultkit on your socials so we can see what you're up to!

When will vault kits be available?

Our plan is to release one kit each Friday.

Can I purchase one sheet or must I purchase all the sheets together?

As always, you can purchase each sheet A-G individually to suit your personal planning needs. However, there will be a "bundle" available for the vault kits, too! You can pick up the bundle that will include all the sheets at a slightly discounted price!

I have leftovers from my kits from over the years and want to use them when the vault kit comes out. How will I know what goes together?

Each vault sheet will have it's own new SKU list on the top of the sheet, starting with FTV-100. However, under that new SKU, we will be sure to list what the original kit or mini-kit number was so that you can easily go back through your leftovers and find the appropriate kit.

Now that we've answered your questions, let's take a look at our very first vault kit. DRUMROLL please.....

We're opening the vault going back all the way to 2020 with MK-235; "Mermaid".

A: Full boxes

B: Washi strips

C: sampler

D: Make your own monthly

E: Label add on

F: Individual headers

We are SO, SO excited to be opening the PlannerKate vault and we hope that you are just as excited as we are!

Happy planning from the PK team!

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