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2023 has been a year of changes at PlannerKate! Some expected and some not, but all ultimately for the best!!

We wanted to announce this one as it's a BIG one and has been on our minds for quite sometime.

Over the last 10 years we have had to change printers a few times, but have always stayed mostly consistent with our colors. Our recent printers are becoming harder and harder to get and it was time for us to make the BIG jump to something different. We have been working with a professional printer dealer for the last 3-4 months and looking into ALL the options! Our biggest concern always being the least visible/physical changes possible to our customers.

We first looked into laser printers, which as you know have AMAZING quality, and would bring us quite the savings on the backend for ink. Unfortunately, they all failed my pen tests pretty quickly. I love having the ability to write on our stickers with any pen and knew this was not a change that would be well received. So back to the drawing board with professional inkjet printer options. With the cost of everything on the rise these days, our ink was no exception and we are happy to announce that with our new printers - no price increases will flow through to our customers (YAY!) We went through more samples than I can count and decided on the professional printer you see here! We felt the colors & quality were the closest to what we currently offer and hope you love them to!

What to expect? Over the next few months, you'll see us transitioning to the 'updated' PK colors. Our kits are printed on the professional printers starting with our February 2024 release. We will continue to print all of our old kits on our old printers to ensure there are no color differences until they are retired.

We are REALLY excited about the changes and hope you love them too!!! (Oh, and did I mention, the professional printers print about 100x faster than our old ones? - my team is pretty ecstatic about that!!!!)

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