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The other day I mentioned something *new* coming to PlannerKate!! I've been wanting to do something like this for awhile now and finally had some time to put it together.

Introducing "ANYTIME KITS" 😁. These kits will not be part of our normal monthly release, but rather we hope to release them on their own a few times a month! When I designed them, my goal was to make them as versatile as possible... any planner, any time...

We hope the anytime kits will bring some more variety to the current monthly offerings. The anytime kits won't be themed towards holidays or specific seasons, but focus more on color palettes and themes that can work throughout the year.

Each anytime kit will come with 3-4 sheets available sheets options (depending on if clipart is available to coordinate). Items such as the weekend banners and labels may change from kit to kit. Check boxes are individual so they can be used in different planners. I've tried to include AS MUCH as possible on these samplers to meet everyone needs, but everything will also easily coordinate with items in our shop if something else is needed specifically. We hope you LOVE them!!

ANY-001 PLANT LOVERS will release this

Friday 9/2 at 10am EST 🌱❤️



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