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#PKFanFriday | October 15, 2021

Welcome back! Today we want to share some Erin Condren colorway options with you! Almost all of our functional stickers have several colorway options available; In addition to our house colors (PlannerKate colors), we offer EC bold, EC muted and EC Flora colorway options.

Our Erin Condren bold and muted colors are matches for the traditional Erin Condren color scheme. You can use these stickers to match the monthly color on your month view and dashboard or even plan out a week using that month's color.

The traditional Erin Condren color for September is a beautiful shade of purple. @planningpenelope, over on Instagram, used our hydration tracker, habit tracker, icons and full box ombre stickers to map out a week in September and we love how it turned out!

Even if you don't have an Erin Condren planner, you can still utilize our EC colorway stickers! Here's a look at the same September colorway in a PlumPaper Planner.

The traditional Erin Condren color for October is orange. Take a look at how @happyplaceplanning used a combination of our orange/October dashboard stickers with the new decorative holiday clipart to map out October.

Do you have a favorite Erin Condren monthly color? Plan ahead and grab your November sheets and give this look a try in your planner!

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