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Tomorrow we have quite a few new releases and reformats going LIVE at 10am EST!

New Releases:

New Christmas Countdown!!

New Desktop Doodle! You'll see this and a few other new doodles on our kit doodle add on this year!

New Mixed Script with Icon (these are a sneak of something new you'll see on the 2023 kits this year)

New Large Colorful Scripts (another sneak!!)

Our new 2023 Wacky Holiday, kits organization and Dashboard Lineup!

The 2023 Wacky Holidays are sized to fit either that A5 or 7x9 Monthly with a max width of 1.3 inches.

STK-007 is a new sheet designed for the Week-At-A-Glance pages so you don't have to write in each week!

STK-008 is a special request by our loverly Jennifer Crowder for those who like to label their weeks 1-52 in their planners!

STK-009 is MY FAVORITE. I use these to label my page protectors or albums to keep track of what kit I will use for each monthly & weekly layout.

STK-101 and 110 are the new dashboard pages that are cut individually around each item so you can use what you want to design your vision board or current loves each year or month!

STK-111 thru 114 are full page stickers perfect for a 7x9 or A5 Notebook or the notes pages in your planner!

New "V" (variation) listings!! These are also some of the new items you'll see on the 2023 kits! V listing are available in PK, EC Bold, EC Muted, Harmony Neutral, Plum Modern, Makselife and In Bloom color-ways!


Below you'll see some of our reformats. We are working to split our "S" listings up into more organized SKU categories. Those that you see below are getting VERY low in stock so its time to reformat. If you "RUN" to find the older version of these, they are 50% off while the last few sheets are left!

Everything will be live Friday 10/14 at 10am EST! You can find them in the new releases!

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