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Below you will find the 2022 Kit & Mini Kit Lineup. Kits include all the sheets listed below. Mini Kits include all listed except the Budget & Monthly.

WEEKLY: A: EC Full Boxes B: Washi Strips C: Sampler D: EC Hourly checklists & labels (plum vertical & EC A5 horizontal) E: EC vertical checklist & labels F: EC horizontal checklists & labels (7x9 Makselife)

A5 DAILY DUO: A5-1: Headers A5-2: Checklists & Labels A5-3: Timed Labels A5-4: Two Tone Labels A5-5: Bottom Boxes A5-6: Bottom Box / Scripts

7x9 DAILY DUO DD-1: Headers DD-2: Checklists & Labels DD-3: Timed Labels DD-4: Two Tone Labels DD-5: Bottom Boxes / Scripts DD-6: Bottom Boxes

BUDGET: B-1: 7x9 Budget B-2: 7x9 Weekly Check In B-3: 7x9 Debt, Sinking & Spending B-4: 7x9 Bills & Transaction B-5: 8.5x11 Deluxe Budget B-6: 8.5x11 Deluxe Check In B-7: 8.5x11 Deluxe Debt, Sinking & Spending B-8: 8.5x11 Deluxe Bills & Transaction B-9: A5 Budget & Check In B-10: A5 Debt, Sinking, Spending, Bills & Transaction

ADD-ON: AO-1: EC 7x9 Strip Headers AO-2: Plum 7x9 Strip Headers AO-3: Individual Headers AO-4: Scripts Days, Dots & Weekend AO-5: Thick Washi AO-6: Thin Washi AO-7: Sidebar AO-8: Ombre Boxes AO-9: Event Scripts AO-10: Pattern Labels AO-11: Basic Labels AO-12: Appt Labels AO-13: Colored Dash Labels AO-14: Doodles AO-15: Clipart (if available) *We plan to add Makselife headers once new planners are available in November*

MONTHLY: G-1: EC 8.5x11 Monthly G-2: EC 8.5x11 Monthly Sheet 2 H-1: EC 7x9 Monthly H-2: EC 7x9 Monthly Sheet 2 H-3: EC 7x9 Monthly Dashboard I: EC Petite J-1: Plum 7x9 Monthly J-2: Plum 7x9 Monthly Sheet 2 J-3: Plum 7x9 Monthly Dashboard K-1: Plum 8.5x11 Monthly K-2: Plum 8.5x11 Monthly Sheet 2 L-1: Plum A5 Monthly L-2: Plum A5 Monthly Labels L-3: Plum A5 Monthly Dashboard M-1: EC A5 Monthly (Agenda) M-2: EC A5 Monthly (Coil) M-3: EC A5 Monthly Labels M-4: EC A5 Monthly Dashboard

*We plan to add a Makselife Monthly once available in November*

We have retired a few add ons and monthlies that were not big sellers the last few year and added a couple new add ons as well. We have also consolidated the budget items but did not retire any options and did add the bills options as well. Once we are able to order the new Makselife planners in November we will go back and add the Monthly & Headers to the kits & mini kits for 2022.

We will be posting sneaks of the first full kit (KIT-400) in the next few days so everyone can see the sheets associated with the list above. The remaining sneaks will be up next weekend. January release is scheduled for Wednesday November 10. <3 TeamPK

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